Leadership Monett - Learning to Lead, Leading to Serve

“Because anyone can steer a ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course." -- J. Maxwell

What is Leadership Monett?

  • Leadership Monett is a program that is committed to providing and enhancing the foundation for great business and community leaders with targeted and specialized training in an affordable and accessible manner.
  • It is based on the belief that an informed and committed community yields a better society for all.
  • A great way to learn more about the Monett region.

Why is it Important to Monett?

  • Because great leaders lead to great communities
  • Because it is not always clear where the community needs help
  • Because no one really teaches how to lead volunteer organizations

And because Leaders:

  • Motivate us to take a journey with them
  • Have an agenda
  • Are results oriented
  • Are original and originate
  • Innovate
  • Focus on people
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Are their own person
  • Fix things that are not broken
  • Raise and resolve issues quickly
  • Do not always wait to be told what to do next
  • Are not afraid to see self as others see them
  • Are tenacious
  • Are involved

How Does Leadership Monett Work?

Leadership Monett is a four month program that is structured to teach leadership, while showing a broad appreciation of the unique quality of life that is the City of Monett and its surrounding Barry -- Lawrence County areas.

Leadership Monett is:

  • Local
  • Affordable
  • Broadening

Sessions include:

  • Ice breakers
  • Classmate interview sessions
  • Leadership interactions
  • Team building exercises
  • Business etiquette
  • Ethics
  • Social skills - table manners, cell phone
  • Eight classroom sessions
  • Class project
  • Plant tours

Leadership Monett Result

  • Productive leaders at work
  • Leaders who know and understand how communities work
  • Leaders ready to support our broadening community needs


Leadership Somos

Leadership Somos is a program where the Monett Chamber has partnered with Drury University to take members of their CAMP program that focuses on migrant students to help them build Leadership skills.


Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Tomorrow's Leaders Today is a new program under the Monett Chamber Foundation in which we take a small group of seniors and expose them to the community around them while building leadership skills. This program is designed to encourage students to move back to Monett after attending college.